reveals 5 Smart Steps to Boost Your Chance into a Singapore School Successfuly 

Unlock Your Child's Full Potential With An Education In Singapore

You have landed on this page because you are planning to relocate your child's education to Singapore. You want to understand how the Singapore education system works and how to best fit your child into a promising Singapore education.

In case, you have landed on this page seeking for trusted and honest advice then you shall fret not. We are here to hand-hold you through your decisions to ensure the education pathway to from primary, secondary to university studies are properly and smartly catered to.

Your child is our 1st priority. We advise and guide you based on your family's needs.

Boost Your Chance For Successful Admission With AEIS School

AEIS School prepares international students to score for English and Math AEIS examination. Your child receives group coaching or one-to-one coaching by highly experienced AEIS teachers. The perfect school to prepare for AEIS and S-AEIS before leaving for Singapore. To achieve your goal for successful admission, you child will be guided properly on the correct answering techniques to score for AEIS.

Prepare For Singapore Education In YOUR HOME

START EARLY! Prepare for AEIS examination while your child is still in home country. Attend our AEIS Online School. The earlier your child starts, the more prepared your child is for AEIS Test.

Many international students start online AEIS classes while waiting for admission into a private primary or secondary school in Singapore. Ask for this clever plan!

Be Properly Trained By Singapore Math Teachers

Singapore Mathematics Syllabus requires The Singapore Math Methods. Definitely, to be successful, your child needs to learn from Trained Singapore Math Teachers who are highly experienced in helping international students to score in Math during AEIS Exam. 

Weekly English & Math AEIS Class 

Again, your child's progress is very important to us. We keep to small group sizes of up to 6 students per class to ensure that your child is able to follow through lessons properly.

AEIS English and Math classes are taught weeklyincluding English Creative Writing where students are trained on English story composition.

Be Properly Trained By Singapore English Teachers

Your child will be properly trained by Singapore English Teachers based on the English Syllabus offered by Ministry of Education, Singapore.  Many international students in non-English speaking countries will need a strong focus on getting English Foundation right to answer questions correctly for AEIS tests.

High Ability English & Math AEIS Classes

Periodically, when the AEIS Teacher assessed that your child is capable of higher level lessons, we will offer High Ability English & Math Classes to your child to accelerate preparation for AEIS & S-AEIS tests.

Personal 1-to-1 Accelerated AEIS Lessons

You want high frequency and intensive lessons to accelerate your child's preparation for AEIS examination. We offer 1-to-1 Accelerated AEIS Programme with a Personal AEIS Teacher attached to your child.  The Personal AEIS Teacher will adapt lessons based on your child's strength and weaknesses on English and Math proficiencies.

Start Private Primary & Secondary School After AEIS Examination

After taking AEIS in September or S-AEIS test in February, your child is ready to start formal lessons at a private primary or secondary school focused together with other international students who are preparing for AEIS examination. In this way, your child's academic grade is not affected while awaiting your child's AEIS results. 

Additional support for your child on Accelerated AEIS Personal Coaching starts in Singapore.

You Want The Best For Your Child

You always want the best for your child, don't you? Me too because I'm a parent like you! As you navigate your way to the best school in Singapore for your child, you have many unanswered questions. You are not alone because many parents, too, have similar questions like you.

We are here to guide you and hold you on the most suitable education journey for your precious child. We plan together with you to transit your child smoothly into the Singapore school system. We know you are anxious to start your child in a mainstream public school. To be honest, and we are always honest, your child must be properly prepared. This cannot be rushed. Your child needs the correct English and Math teachers to help prepare for the AEIS examination. We are here to help your child to achieve successful admission step by step.

Yes, successful admission takes careful planning and your child needs time because the Singapore English and Math syllabus is not the same syllabus that your child is studying now. We are not going to rush this process because we want your child to be successfully admitted into an academic year that is as close to your child's age as much as possible. We stay true and professional to you and your family when it comes to education.

Brian Sun

AEIS Teacher

English & Math

Former Senior Government School Teacher

A former senior government school teacher with more than 20 years' experience teaching both government and private schools.

As Teacher Brian understands what the examiners are looking out for during the AEIS test, he provides helpful tips and guidance to students to confidently tackle questions during AEIS tests.

Brenda Desker

AEIS English Teacher

Specialised English  Teacher in AEIS and IGCSE

Teacher Brenda is extremely well-versed with the Singapore English curriculum.

She teaches English to both Singapore local students and international students studying in international schools. She teaches English to international students preparing for the AEIS test too.

Lim C. K.

AEIS Math Teacher

Current AEIS Math Teacher In A Private Primary & Secondary School

Teacher Lim has 10 years' of experience teaching Primary & Secondary Mathematics.

Teacher Lim is currently teaching AEIS Math at a local private primary & secondary school in Singapore. He taught AEIS Math at Dimensions International School before moving on to the current school.

Parents Trust Us With

Their Children's Education

We take your child's education journey seriously and will never jeopardise your child's education AT ANY COST. What does this mean? INTEGRITY IS IMPORTANT TO US, the same when you teach your child to always uphold honesty.

This means that we give ONLY HONEST ADVICE TO PARENTS. This is our FIRST PROMISE TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY.  We are here to Support Your Love for your child with the BEST EDUCATION. We are here to PROTECT YOUR CHILD'S INTEREST

5 Steps To Boost Your Child's Chance For Successful Singapore School Admission

We are already into 15 years of helping parents like you to achieve your goal. You wish to see your child be given a place in s Singapore mainstream school. You have heard and you know that Singapore offers one of the best education in the world where your child learns English and Math in a safe country.

Our education system is recognised worldwide and that makes it easy for your child to transit to a university in Australia, America or United Kingdom later. Plan and prepare early with these 5 steps boost...

  1. 1
    Prepare for Singapore school admission in your home country first. We will assess your child's proficiency level and readiness for the Singapore school system before we recommend your child to apply to study in Singapore. This means your child will not lose any school year and your child moves to Singapore when we have properly prepared your child for AEIS test.
  2. 2
    Prepare for AEIS examination at AEIS Online School together with other international students worldwide. Our highly experienced AEIS teachers will prepare your child properly for English and Math to take AEIS and S-AEIS tests in September and February respectively. 
  3. 3
    Apply and take AEIS examination in Singapore after we have properly prepared your child for the Singapore School system, your child proceeds to take AEIS test in Singapore. You can choose to let your child live with us when in Singapore. You can rest assure that we will take good care of your child during the entire stay, ensuring your child successfully take the AEIS test in Singapore before flying home.
  4. 4
    Prepare for Singapore school admission while waiting for AEIS examination result. Students who have already received in-principle approval for their Student Pass will remain in Singapore after the AEIS test to start primary or secondary education in Singapore in a private school while waiting for AEIS test results. This ensures that your child continues to prepare for English and Math tests in a fully English speaking environment in Singapore. Returning to home country for your child whose education is not primary medium of instruction is not in English means that your child will have much lesser exposure to learn English fast.
  5. 5
    Smooth transition to continue studies in Singapore without affecting your child's academic grades. To avoid losing any school year, put your child with us in Singapore and start private primary or secondary schooling immediately. Your child lives in Singapore with us.

JOSSE TAN  //  Trusted Education Advisor Mom

I'm a mother to 4 children and I take strong interest in children's education. I'm well versed in the Singapore Education System having taught Primary & Secondary school international students.

As a parent, I understand that you want to gie your child the best education. Not only that, you want to be assured that the Singapore home that you put your child in is safe and healthy.

Our promise to always protect your child's interest define our unfailing commitment for the best education for your child.

Josse Tan

Hao Hao //  Trusted Singapore Guardian Mom

Hao Hao is a Vietnamese living in Singapore with her 5 year old son and American husband who teaches in an international school in Singapore.

Her family has opened their door to care for international student studying in Singapore. She is a responsible and caring guardian to the international students in her care.

Hao Hao Whitehurst


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Your child is fully protected by our 100% Service Guarantee. is your go-to when you need trusted advice and support to relocate your child's education to Singapore.  Just reach out to us. We are parents too and we only offer the best recommendation in the interest of your child. 

Josse Tan

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